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Underwater Art – At People Photography we pride ourselves on providing not just photographs but beautiful works of underwater art portraying the life and energy of the moment captured in the blink of an eye.

With the help of professional Nikon DSLR cameras, state of the art synchronised above and below water lighting and specialised deep sea camera housing technology designed to withstand water pressures down to a depth of 200m so a 1.2m deep swimming pool studio environment poses little problem to our equipment.

Our skilled underwater photographer Andrew Clarke makes the task of achieving perfect framing and light exposure seem deceptively simple in the matter of seconds available to him during submersion. Each and every image captured receives individual attention from the moment it is uploaded to our editing suit and sent out to our professional printers. Whether printed at 7x5 or 30x20 our attention to detail and workflow remains unchanged ensuring that you receive the best possible underwater art.

Learning water safety skills can be fun – Over recent years water safety awareness for babies and young children in a fun and sociable setting has seen baby swim classes rapidly grow in popularity.More and more parents and guardians have seen their children enjoy not only the health benefits of swimming as an exercise but to learn vital, life saving skills when faced with open water situations outside of the safe pool environment. Baby swimming and controlled submersion techniques are also known to provide such benefits as improved coordination and increase respiratory fitness.

It is our aim at People Photography to capture this unique moment in a babies life and display it in printed form for both you and your family to cherish.

How much does it cost?
Our photo shoots are normally held in conjunction with baby swim classes and attendance varies from one swim company to the next but is generally £25-£35 to attend. Please do get in touch to see when we have a photo shoot near you.

Once you have attended one of our underwater photo shoots, there is an extensive array of printed products and digital download options available to purchase. Please do take a look at all of these products and their respective costs... to do this just click on the Client Access page and enter the gallery ID 'Example'. This will display an example gallery and allow you to view and select products and prices. Please note that products and prices can not be viewed on a mobile phone/smartphone for cart security reasons, however they can be viewed on a PC, iMac or tablet.